Moving as a teenager


Upon my soon to be 11 year expat anniversary, I’ve decided to reflect on the last decade that has been and share my story of moving countries as a teenager.

Initially, I started this blog as a way to express my thoughts and emotions of living between two countries. As an only child growing up, I couldn’t find anyone to relate to in this scenario. So I decided to take the plunge and document my experiences.

2007 – the year for me discovering eyeliner, my first kiss ,trance music and oh yeah, getting on a plane for the first time.

It was the Maltese summer of 2007, I had come to the realisation that it’s finally happening.. we are leaving Malta and going to live in another country (continent no less.) My parents were born in Australia and always wanted to return one day. My mum and I used to love watching the Australian show ‘Kath and Kim‘ together. Although I knew it was a dramatic perception of what an Australia


n person is, It looked amazing and not to mention funny. Just from the opening credits watching all the houses with greenery surrounding them – you never saw any of that in Malta. Or Kath strolling through Fountain gate shopping centre. “My god that place is huge” I thought to myself and that is where we were heading.

The last month of our summer was approaching and that is when we were set to emigrate. Telling my close friends I was leaving was tough, leaving a country and going to another where I do not know anyone except my parents- what was going through my mind? Scared, nervous, excited and any other emotion you could think of!


The day arrived. Sitting at the airport for the first time in my life where its my turn to get on that huge plane. Tears , excitement ,sadness, and wondering what are behind those gates where I can’t turn back. We went up those escalators and waved goodbye to our entire family. I still have that picture in my head.

The long haul flight progressed and we finally reached Australian waters. At the time we just entered over Perth. Mum proceeded to tell me that there is four hours left of our journey until the destination is reached. I’m thinking “ whoa 10 minutes into our flight leaving home and you could hardly see Malta and now that we’ve arrived to Aus and there are still four hours left?”

We landed in the middle of the night, temperature = FREEZING, I remember distinctively going through duty free and I purchased the ‘ Miss Dior Cherie’ fragrance by Christian Dior. To this day, every time I smell that scent, I remember arriving to my new home and beginning an adventure of a lifetime.

My advice to anyone whom is feeling nervous about the unknown of moving countries is, Just go for it,Have a support system and stay in contact with your friends and family. I appreciate and am grateful for everything that has happened thus far and wouldn’t change anything. Things don’t happen by accident that’s for sure. Otherwise I wouldn’t be the person I am today or deliver you this post.

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