My tips for a long haul flight


I have had my share of long haul flights in the past 11 years. Learnt a few things along the way when it comes to travel. Here are my top picks for a comfortable flight.

Pack a change of comfy clothes

When airport style comes to mind, I always think of Victoria Beckham. Can just picture the big sunnies, fitted pant suit and killer heels. Me? The most you will see me is in a pair of tracksuit pants, top and converse shoes. Although I admire Posh spices style endlessly, I choose the comfy route. With limited space to stretch out on the flight I always pack 

some leggings, comfy socks and a T shirt to change into. And ladies, wear comfortable underwear. No need to be uncomfortable whilst sitting for a long time.

Keeping the mind occupied

Whether it be a magazine from the newsagent , a fresh best seller or a film mid flight, I enjoy having something to dive into. Along with something to read, I pick up a small book of sudoku puzzles.

Keeping the brain active is one of the best things you can do for yourself but also try to relax and catch some ZzzZZzz’s

Have a skincare routine

Change in air pressure does no wonders for your skin, Trust me! I tend to keep a minimum of 4 face masks with me on a return flight depending how long the journey is. I might look scary next to my neighbours but my skin will thank me for it. Some other key extras include : eye cream, hydrating mist, facial wipes and moisturiser.

Stay hydrated.

Along with a good skincare routine, Staying hydrated is the best way to feel refreshed.Take an empty water bottle with you and fill with water after you pass through security.

Make conversation with your neighbours and crew.

I have always been in-between an introvert and an extrovert. Very shy to even say hello to strangers but once I start talking – there’s no stopping me! Must be a Maltese thing? Its nice talking to a complete stranger on a flight and potentially make friends.

Enjoy the flight!

Aviation is the most beautiful modern engineering humans have ever created in my opinion. Whether it be for work or play, enjoy your time on your journey where ever you are going. I always have butterflies when it comes to landing at any airport.

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