Travel Adventures – Santorini


Since starting this blog, I always wanted to share my travels with you. Fair to say that I have caught the travel bug as I’m always thinking of the next adventure to come. One of my most memorable travel destinations is Santorini, Greece.

It was 2015, My husband and I were jet setting off for our honeymoon. We decided on Malta (of course where else?) and Santorini Greece. My this post I will talk mainly about Santorini.

Dreamy white building, Crystal Aegean sea and all the moussaka you can eat!

We spent 10 days in the village of Kamari. The beach was just by our hotel. It was breathtaking!

R and I didn’t know where to start exploring. On our first night we went out to have dinner and the streets were packed with tourists all over the world. Kids chasing each other without a care & adults having a glass of wine whilst in conversation. Bliss

For the first few days we just sat by the beach and roamed the shops. Sometimes we would figure out how to decide if we should go to the pool or the beach. Relaxation at its finest. I usually prefer to spend my free time drawing over reading. So when I wasn’t in the water I was on the chair sketching something up.

A few days had gone by and we walked over to the local travel office. We booked a tour up to Oia to watch the sunset.FB_IMG_1534665698177

The bus ride to Oia was abit scary but that was just me. Just picture the guys from top gear driving up/ down a mountain on the cliffs edge – yep that’s what it felt like. R was just laughing at me while I was praying we don’t fall off the edge.

The bus stopped at a small harbour and we got onto our vessel to sail around the islands.

We sipped wine and chilled out in the peace of the ocean.

The next few days we just took the buses anywhere and everywhere. Here are a few snaps of the beautiful white buildings.


FB_IMG_1534665725661Can’t go to Greece and not take a photo e’?

Hey look a windmill!windmill

And lastly, My favourite seafood ever is grilled octopus and lucky for me the Greeks love it too!FB_IMG_1534665735827

Char grilled octopus & calamari with home made fried patates . Yum!

I would love to visit the greek islands again and explore more of what they have to offer.

One day I’ll be back!

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