Egyptian pyramids ✔


Its been a couple of days since we returned from Egypt and my mind is about to explode with everything I want to share here. We were there for a two week jam packed tour.

Lets dive in ey?

(No pun intended)

 Day 1 – The Pyramids

Or what my friend calls them – Alien engineered creations…


Once we hopped off the tour bus at the Giza plateau, my jaw
dropped. I couldn’t believe the most amazing monuments were
before my eyes. Three stellar pyramids in the middle of no where.

Once we purchased the entrance tickets at 100 EGP, we climbed
and walked inside . It was surreal to enter a building that was made
thousands of years ago. After entering a small corridor, you have to
squat down and walk abit farther and then you have to walk up
the steps whilst still hunching down to get to one of the burial
chambers. This is not for the claustrophobic type.

The burial chamber it self is a decent sized room. The ancient
Egyptians had engineered the pyramids to have good ventilation as
well -Practically air condition in the desert.

So although the path is narrow and claustrophobic, the room itself was easy to breath in.

Once you get out of the pyramids, we went on a camel ride around the pyramids.

It was definitely something I wanted to do whilst in Egypt. Frankly when
the opportunity came, I was afraid I would fall off( I had the same
expedience on a gondola) Naturally I was a sook but it was well
worth it.

I called my camel Winston and I think he liked R more than
me as he was rubbing up against him most of the time.winston

Kinda like how cats rub against anything as to mark their territory.   Except I
think winston just had an itchy face.

So far the journey had just begun and the next place was to visit
the valley of the kings.

g signiture

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