Day 3 – Abu Simbel Temple



Early wake up call for today’s history legend, 3 am to be precise. It was a 4 hour bus ride from Aswan. Let me tell you, I fell in love with the structure and how this temple was built…

The entire temple was carved out from a mountain facade. Four majestic statues of king Ramses II standing at 20 metres tall. What I learnt surprisingly about the facade is that it was actually restored.


During the 60s, the rising water levels of the Nile threatened to flood the great temples. An expedition was sent out to see how this landmark could be saved. 50 nations joined UNESCO and rescued this facade by carefully cutting out pieces of the statues and storing them away whilst building a higher dam wall made of steel and sand. This process took over 4 years to complete.


By far my favourite temple

Inside the temple of Ramses II was an abundance carvings and hieroglyphics. Sheer beauty. A major display through carvings of the walls explains one epic battle which is the battle of Kadesh.

I found this next bit really interesting. It just shows the engineering and thought process the ancient Egyptians had.

Further inside the temple laid a shrine of 4 gods. Rameses (of course he made himself a god), Amun ,Ptah and Ra-Horakhty.  The temple was built with such precision and thought that twice a year, the sun shines directly inside on the shrines and only shines on the 3 of 4 gods, guess which one the sun (or god of life..which is the sun) doesn’t shine on? Ptah whom is the god linked to the underworld.

Fitting and creepy ey?. The dates this happens is on the 22nd of February and the 22nd of October.

Great Pillared Hall, Temple of Ramses II, Abu Simbel

I have spoken so much about Abu Simbel, I don’t think I can do the next temple justice!

This was well worth the early morning bus ride to witness such structures.

Until next time!

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