10 things that might surprise you – about me

Hey guys, I thought i’d take a break from spamming you all with Egypt posts and deliver something a bit more on a personal level. Here is a little get to know me post for your Friday (or Saturday depending where you are in this world)
As lady gaga says in her opening lyric of A-Yo – here we go!

  1. At 14 I moved from Malta to Australia. Still close to beaches so I’m happy.
     2.     I learnt the English language primarily from television, even had an American accent at one stage thanks to Cartoon network
  1. I consider myself an environmentalist, I’m passionate about the world and environment we live in.
     4.    I learnt some guitar when I was 9 years old in Malta and later on in high school (in Australia) I played snippets of sweet pandemonium by HIM and sunshine of your love by Cream in front of my class.- felt pretty bad ass
5.   I am a make up artist by trade, Sfx and body painting were my favourite subjects at makeup school
6.   The beach is my relaxing place, I love love love the smell of Nivea sunscreen as it just reminds me of the beaches in Malta.
  1. The first time I witnessed wild kangaroos was 5 years ago, I got so excited that I screamed in the car and Rob thought someone was trying to kill us.
  2. The film: the mummy 2 from the early 2000’s is the reason I love ancient Egypt and visited Egypt recently
  3. The affinity I have with cartoons is unreal, I love all the cartoons from my childhood more than the average person- probably explains my body painting assignment above.
  4. My all time favourite film is Casablanca
Here’s looking at you kid!
Bonus fact: This year I have obtained my open water20 and advanced open water 30 scuba diving certifications. The beach is my relaxing place but the ocean is a whole new world to explore!
Hope you liked this little insight,
Now tell me, whats a great fact about you?
Leave it in the comments, I’d love to read it!

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