Karnak temple – Endless history


I was really looking forward to seeing this place in person and tell you what, I wasn’t disappointed! The high pillars, avenues of sphinxes and  the 20 metre + obelisks made out of rose granite Weighing over 100 tonne. (For all the Maltese people out there, Imagine the Obelisk to be an extra extra large version of the Luqa monument)


The obelisk- like other monuments, signify the importance of the pharaoh of the time and his dedication to the all mighty god Amun -King of the Gods.

The obelisk like other monuments, signify the importance of the pharaoh of the time and his dedication to the all mighty god Amun , King of the Gods.

It was fascinating listening to our tour guide explaining how the ancient Egyptians transported the rose granite all the way up from Aswan to Luxor. It was such a process involving mud brakes,calculation, precision, the flooding of the Nile and man power.

You see, most of the famous pharaohs added their own spin at Karnak – 30 of them to be precise. It is now one of the largest open air museums of the world – Thanks guys for leaving all this behind!

I enjoyed getting lost amongst the pillars, admiring the work of each Pharaoh all whilst trying to find some shade in the 38 degree Luxor weather. I could walk around the pillars for hours.


Felt like Indiana Jones with this hat

The structure I found intriguing was the festival hall king Thutmose III built to celebrate queen pharaoh Hatshepsut’s ‘disappearance’. Vengeful ey? It was said that Thutmose III hated Hatshepsut as she was Pharaoh(Also his step mother and Aunt).

If you could see in person Hatshepsut’s temple she built for herself, you could see why Thutmose would feel threatened or pissed off he wasn’t king straight away.


Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

He built the basilica hall to celebrate the Sed festival. It is when a ritual was carried out to murder a current Pharaoh whom could not full-fill their duties due to age or condition. This was later changed to be a jubilee celebration when the pharaoh was in power for 30 years +.


All in all, apart from feeling like Indiana Jones with my outfit choice, I would not change a thing about this experience. It is hard for me to pick a favourite temple however this one is most definitely in my top three.

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