Quad bikes and Scuba diving – Dahab


Dahab, 5 miraculous days days in Egyptian paradise.

I had never really heard of Dahab until we once stopped by a travel agent to ask about Egypt. Upon some research I discovered that the blue hole was a scuba divers dream here. It was a must that we book a tour including this place. Fast forward to the actual tour..


After a long week of seeing all the sights and monuments of ancient Egypt, it was great to look forward to 5 days of relaxation. The only thing I was waiting for was just to get into the ocean. These are some of the activities we enjoyed here:

Quad biking

Rob and I did some quad biking around town. Scarves and sunnies are a must here around your face to protect you some what from the dust. It was like a scene from Mad Max. Halfway through our bike ride, we stopped walked up near some mountains. We were greeted by the locals, the Bedouins and were given some hibiscus tea on arrival.

Scuba Diving

The tour included wonderful activities and one I was looking forward to the most was..you guessed it.. Diving! (Insert the song from little mermaid- under the sea)

Initially, I just wanted to dive anywhere, the thrill of being under water is one thing but watching marine life swim past you without a care is another!

dahab coral

We were greeted at the hotel by the dive crew from Big Blue Dahab. They explained to us the cool spots where we can go and what to see. After comparing prices, I decided it would be beneficial if I did the next course up which was the PADI advanced open water 30 (can dive up to 30 metres in depth).

The only way I could dive the blue hole was to be certified to dive 30 metres.


Off I went, 6 dives in 2 days which included spots of the canyon, the blue hole filled with coral and various marine life, the lighthouse where there is this cool elephant structure made of recycled material and also a night dive.


An amazing highlight for me was witnessing an octopus swimming from one coral wall to another. I didn’t really see Mr octopus at first until my instructor pointed him out. I can still picture it, him moving like slow motion.


On our 2nd last day, we were given the chance to go snorkelling and chill by the beaches of Dahab. I personally found snorkelling at the blue hole a tad uncomfortable only because of the small current in the ocean, I was worried Id hit the coral reef. Somehow I felt safer diving compared to snorkelling there? Snorkelling was fun as I literally had a birds eye view of everything below me. The divers slowly disappearing on descend , the free divers following the ropes, schools of tiny fish swimming infront of me. A little trick I did was ball my hand into a fist and opened it fast as they scattered- makes for great effect under water. Black damsel fish were my favourite there.

I would highly recommend Dahab for ocean fun and adventure. Now I need to see where the next best diving spot is to go to, Any suggestions? Please leave in the comments below

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