Expat and a zoo



We had a chance to visit Healsville sanctuary on the weekend. It is just over an hour away from Melbourne and let me tell you, I’m glad we went. As an avid animal lover, i was in heaven. These furry critters as so gorgeous and could spend all my free time with them if I could.


 🇲🇹 Meta kont żgħira il-ġenituri dejjem kienu jitkellmu fuq pajjiżhom u kemm hi art sabiħa. Meta tara dawn l-affarijiet taprezza u nirringrazzjahom talli ġabuni awn. Qalbi maqsuma bejn żewġ pajjiżi ♥️

🇦🇺 When I was younger my parents always talked about their home and how beautiful it is. When you see these things you appreciate and I thank them for bringing me here. My heart is definitely split between both countries ♥️

walla wallaby

Hey Kiki


Top- Boohoo

Belt bag- Cotton On

Denim jeans- Target

Shoes- Converse


This babe here is my favourite. He is just chilling in the tree being sleepy eyed. After 11 years I still get excited seeing these animals in the wild.

g signiture

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