How to make time to chill


We tend to get caught up so much in our busy lives that we don’t make time for what is most important, our mental and physical well-being . The majority of the time I do not even realise how not having a break for myself is really doing more harm than good.

Sure it feels good to tick off your items on the never ending to do list, however, that is what it is- a never ending to do list. whether it be work, at home, errands to run or personal projects, we need to make time to chill.


Here are 5 ways to make time for yourself


  1. Tap into your talent

Set aside 30 – 60 minutes to do what you love! Bake a cake, cook your delicacy,  sketch, paint, play an instrument.

      2. Light a candle and grab a book

I have always been a fan of auto biographies, It is fascinating reading about someones past and how they got to where they are presently.

      3. Watch your favourite show or movie

So many TV shows from 10+ years ago are all making a come back. I’m currently watching “chilling adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix.

      4.  20 minute stretch

Stretching will be the best thing to help you relax. It relaxes your body that might have been over worked and stiff the entire day. A video I am always going to is by the Blogilates you tube channel.

       5. Play with your pet.

When you’ve had a bad day, playing with your dog or cat could be just what you need. For that moment, you forget about the day and watch your cat chase a laser light or throw the ball to your dog and you see them and their only care in the world is to catch that light or ball.


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