How I saw Malta change in 11 years

I caught myself reminiscing (as I do) about all the things I enjoyed when I lived in Malta. Thats why I started this blog, I wanted it to be an extension of me and share all the love I have for my home. One of two homes that is.
In high school years ago when MSN messenger was still a thing..

 I remember writing in the status bar under my username ⭐T – 100 days until I go home..⭐ meaning -100 days until I went back to Malta for a 3 month visit for the first time since moving to Australia.
A girl saw that status and was confused what I meant by going home in 100 days.. I couldn’t blame her for being confused, it was a touch dramatic really but I said to her,
“It’s just the remaining time until I see everyone again”
That was 2012.
Thinking from then till now, how much has really changed.
Here are some of the things I have noticed change in the country since my 11 year departure:

1. Lira to Euro

In 2008, Malta officially adopted the Euro as its official currency.

2. Buses

I remember getting on those classic style yellow and orange buses and really hearing the engine work. Fond memories of going to the beach in these bad boys where there was no air conditioning and the only lifeline was to open those small windows in the blistering summer. Ah the number 45 to Ghadira bay!

3. Gay marriage


This was a great moment in history for the mother land, Same-sex marriage became legal in 2017. Proud step forward for our country and culture.

4. Valletta face lift


before 2007



The bus hub in the city that is Valletta, I used to jump off one bus and run-across the other side of the fountain to catch another bus to my destination. If I had time I’d grab a cheeky pastizz from the local vendors. It is bittersweet now a days. Since Valletta’s restorations, most (if not all) of  the local vendors were removed from the Triton fountain vicinity, however it does make a beautiful landscape.

5. Maltese you tubers


Stella Cini – Wig goddess


Franswa! – Mad danny

Back then, the only Maltese you tubers I knew were the likes of Mad Danny who created hilarious parodies and sketches(in Maltese). Now a days, more and more Maltese people are creating on you tube such as beauty gurus Stella Cini , DYNA and stefytalks .

6.X factor

We never really had big singing competitions that were recognised internationally, except Eurovision.. that was really a religion on its own for us. When I heard that Malta was getting X factor, I was beyond excited! Especially when one of the judges, is non other than Ira Losco – Love her!


7. Cisk chill


Beer! I had to mention this lager of course. As a young one I remembered just the standard yellow can of Cisk lager beer. Since being back there have been many variations and personally speaking, Farsons hit the nail on the head with the light and refreshing version of Cisk chill – lemon.  Oh, If only this was exported to Australia!

8. Google maps


And last but not least, one thing that definitely wasn’t around when I lived here was google street view! I certainly appreciate it being a thing now as I can easily show my friends where I grew up just by typing it on the internet. Thankful for technology for sure!

Most things are really just a case of changing with the times, however its been cool seeing it happen from the other side.

Till next time!

g signiture

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