5 Things you are asked if you’re from Malta


I loved that Australia was so diverse and so many different nationalities resided here, it was an eye opener for this Mediterranean teenager at the time.

When I started school, one of the first things students asked me was; “where are you from?”. I proceed to answer; “Malta”. The following question; “Where is that?” [ thinking everyone knows where Italy is, I’d be right] “Right under Italy”. This is the question that got me: “Are you Italian?” “No I’m Maltese”

Now being from a tiny country has its perks however it also has its downfalls, like what people actually think about the tiny island. Here are some of my honorary mentions of LOLs

  1. Are you Maltese?  Heyyyyy Pastizzi!

The first thing people think of when you say you are from Malta, Pastizzi …Mmmmmm


      2. Do you know Mario? He lives in Malta!

Sorry Mate I only have like 6 Marios in my family alone.

3. Is it true you can go around the whole country in a day?

I haven’t tried myself but its probably doable – on a weekend. On a weekday forget it gbin!

 4. Where is Malta? Near Italy, Oh so you’re Italian?!

We have Italian TV channels but no Bridgette, Maltese people are not from Italy

5. Aren’t you all related?

That would be creepy! Although I discovered a cousin of my cousins here in Melbourne.

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