5 things I have been asked when I go back home to visit as an expat


From my last post, i received some nice feedback and thought I’d keep going with similar posts. Snoops lying next to me and we are listening to Little mix’s new album [perfect setting to write a post]

The first time I went back to Malta [6 years ago],  I got asked a few questions about my migrating to Australia and how it felt. Some peoples opinions were eye opening, some people couldn’t imagine leaving Malta and some couldn’t do anything but tare it down.

Here are some questions I was asked, some funny i found

1.It’s so far away

Hey at least we can get there in a day now a days, try our grandparents generation that arrived by ship in about one- three months

   2.Do you have kangaroos in your backyard?

I wish! but seriously, no

         3. Do you know Paul? he lives in Melbourne!

To be fair, If you’ve never been out of a tiny island, you would ask the same

4. Where is it better, here or there?

I love this question, my opinion has changed constantly about this. simple answer is : I CAN’T CHOOSE, both countries have their ups and downs. I’m just really  grateful I got to experience living in both countries.

5. Isn’t it weird having Christmas in summer?

It’s pretty cool, longer days of summer, having a BBQ on Christmas day and hitting the beach for a stroll at night.


Speaking of Christmas and summer, its coming up soon! Maybe I should write about a Maltese Christmas what it was like for me growing up?

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