Draw my life


You know how most human’s brains have a dominant hemisphere of the two sides of the brain? The left side is responsible for control of the right side of the body along with being to mathematical and scientific logic of the brain. The right side is responsible for the left side of the body along with being artistic and creativity. Someone can solve a maths problem in a few seconds and then cannot sketch a stick figure? I am definitely not that person, in fact quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I struggled with maths class during my schooling days and quite frankly despised it.creation

Ever since I could remember, pencils and rubbers (erasers) were always in my reach. I would draw, sketch, colour in just about anything. Two things that always caught my attention to replicate were cartoons and fashion designs. For hours, I’d sit there and copy Sylvester scaring tweety bird off my year 4 folder. Carefully I’d attempt to figure out how copy it all without needing to trace it. This skill came in handy later on in life when I decided to body paint cartoons onto a model for make-up school.


Drawing has always been something that could take me away from real life. I always gravitated towards realism black and grey. Religious figures and the renaissance era are my topics of choice.

The inspiration was real when I visited Florence, Italy a couple of years ago. Or even just Italy in general. Notable inspiration from that trip was..

OK, Maybe I am a Michelangelo fan all together.

Something about his artwork I gravitate to.

When I’d go to Sunday church services back home in Mosta, Malta, I’d just look up at the ceiling to marvel at the artwork of the apostles and statues in the dome. Most of my inspiration is the Gothic religious figures which Maltese churches are definitely not short of.


Inside the Mosta church – Malta

Recently, I walked into a bookshop and purchased a copy of Italian renaissance paintings by Konemann. Felt like a kid in a candy store with so many references in front of me. The possibilities are endless, even just flicking through the book got me excited.

book 2

But I never drifted towards actual painting. Attempted on multiple occasions, however Bob Ross would not be impressed let’s say that. Give me a pencil or a makeup brush and I’ll do wonders.

There wasn’t a main purpose to this post other than sharing where I get inspiration from and the outlet I choose for creative expression. This blog is one of them.

g signiture

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