Goodbye… for now


From the beginning, I loved the idea of blogging. I invested time and attempted to figure out how to make my page pretty and appealing. The vision of having this platform to express myself artistically made me happy. Even if no one had a look at this blog, I was happy as it was almost like getting it out of my system. I’ll try anything once..or twice. If it involves the creative process, I’m there!

The first time I saw I had views from different countries, it was exciting. Someone bothered to look at my writing when I never even knew what I was doing. I quickly realised I needed a niche and consistency. I admit-tingly failed this time around but I know this isn’t the end. Its just a learning curve. Maybe this wasn’t the platform to fulfil what I searched to do but alas I will be back.

For now, I’m closing this chapter, at least I can say I’ve done it. Pretty stoked I did.

After one year, I regrettably close expatgabriella. I have not put in the time this blog deserves. I had fun every step of the way but when it started feeling like a chore or the pressure started to mount (pressuring myself) I wasn’t feeling it. I’ll be back once I figure out what to do with my life.

If there’s any advice I can give to anyone, its to just try different things until you find something that makes you happy and fulfilled.

So its good bye for now from me,

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Draw my life


You know how most human’s brains have a dominant hemisphere of the two sides of the brain? The left side is responsible for control of the right side of the body along with being to mathematical and scientific logic of the brain. The right side is responsible for the left side of the body along with being artistic and creativity. Someone can solve a maths problem in a few seconds and then cannot sketch a stick figure? I am definitely not that person, in fact quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I struggled with maths class during my schooling days and quite frankly despised it.creation

Ever since I could remember, pencils and rubbers (erasers) were always in my reach. I would draw, sketch, colour in just about anything. Two things that always caught my attention to replicate were cartoons and fashion designs. For hours, I’d sit there and copy Sylvester scaring tweety bird off my year 4 folder. Carefully I’d attempt to figure out how copy it all without needing to trace it. This skill came in handy later on in life when I decided to body paint cartoons onto a model for make-up school.


Drawing has always been something that could take me away from real life. I always gravitated towards realism black and grey. Religious figures and the renaissance era are my topics of choice.

The inspiration was real when I visited Florence, Italy a couple of years ago. Or even just Italy in general. Notable inspiration from that trip was..

OK, Maybe I am a Michelangelo fan all together.

Something about his artwork I gravitate to.

When I’d go to Sunday church services back home in Mosta, Malta, I’d just look up at the ceiling to marvel at the artwork of the apostles and statues in the dome. Most of my inspiration is the Gothic religious figures which Maltese churches are definitely not short of.


Inside the Mosta church – Malta

Recently, I walked into a bookshop and purchased a copy of Italian renaissance paintings by Konemann. Felt like a kid in a candy store with so many references in front of me. The possibilities are endless, even just flicking through the book got me excited.

book 2

But I never drifted towards actual painting. Attempted on multiple occasions, however Bob Ross would not be impressed let’s say that. Give me a pencil or a makeup brush and I’ll do wonders.

There wasn’t a main purpose to this post other than sharing where I get inspiration from and the outlet I choose for creative expression. This blog is one of them.

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Malta is through to the Eurovision final

I’m feeling all the emotions right now as I write this post. Yesterday, I got up at 5am to watch Malta sing in the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv for the semi final. The moment came and we were about to hit the stage.
I look on Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone (back home) is doing. My friends are having watch-parties, prepped food and giving their opinions on each entry thus far. Then it was our turn. I could just imagine how it felt in Malta when Michaela took the stage and belted chama-chameleon🎶
I’ve always felt it as a proud moment when the world gets to hear from our little island. We did it!
Now it was time to watch the rest of the show until it was voting time. Unfortunately we couldn’t vote in this semi as Australia was not singing.
Results time
One by one, countries were being called.
It got to the final 3 and we still werent announced. Snoop was on the couch but couldn’t sleep as he was watching me being tense and nervous. The final spot was up and the camera pans to Michaela, she is setting herself up incase she doesn’t make it through it seems.
I’m shaking now until the words come out, Malta!!!
Jumping for joy at 7:10 am AU time and snoop is wondering what the actual f*** is going on.
She’s through.
Road to Sunday morning (Saturday night EU time) begins.
Proud to see my country being represented on the world stage.
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Couple of months away from my first year as a blogger


I have to admit; I have not been active on my blog as I thought I would be this year. When I first started expat Gabriella, I wanted to share everything about being a Malteser in Australia and my travels.

At times, I was stumped on what to write- evidently why this blog post is soooooo overdue. I got to explore and tell you all about our Egyptian escapade. The pyramids, the food, the temples and the culture. The blog really started from there. Excitement of ticking one of my bucket list items was so surreal & I couldn’t but help to share it with everyone – literally everyone.

Then, delved into my expat life. Some of you probably only thought a Maltese was just a dog breed or some might have visited Malta and loved it. The country is of course a big part of my identity, anyone who knows me knows that. In my new life in Australia, I’d always get questions of what it’s like to be from a tiny island and learning English so well. I figured, this is the best way to explain it, a few posts about the motherland, as I like to call it.

Putting my blog site together for the first time was fun, played around with different themes, alignments and a colour schemes. Back then I had a list of topics to cover and was very organised, to be frank, I just thought my topics weren’t insightful enough therefore (stopped shoving it on my Facebook friends walls) I felt like that is why the lack of posts happened. I do what I do because I enjoy doing it. Forcing a blog post was never going to happen unless I felt like it at the time. Expat Gabriella feels like a diary I can enter my thoughts in- just on the internet.

My mind surges to reach some sort of creative outlet. This by far was one of them and the best thing I have done. A couple more months and it will be a year since I started this blog. When I start something I want to finish it – properly. So for the next few months I will endeavour to post more and get inspiration from around me.

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How I saw Malta change in 11 years

I caught myself reminiscing (as I do) about all the things I enjoyed when I lived in Malta. Thats why I started this blog, I wanted it to be an extension of me and share all the love I have for my home. One of two homes that is.
In high school years ago when MSN messenger was still a thing..