How to make time to chill


We tend to get caught up so much in our busy lives that we don’t make time for what is most important, our mental and physical well-being . The majority of the time I do not even realise how not having a break for myself is really doing more harm than good.

Karnak temple – Endless history


I was really looking forward to seeing this place in person and tell you what, I wasn’t disappointed! The high pillars, avenues of sphinxes and  the 20 metre + obelisks made out of rose granite Weighing over 100 tonne. (For all the Maltese people out there,

10 things that might surprise you – about me

Hey guys, I thought i’d take a break from spamming you all with Egypt posts and deliver something a bit more on a personal level. Here is a little get to know me post for your Friday (or Saturday depending where you are in this world)
As lady gaga says in her opening lyric of A-Yo – here we go!

Valley of the kings- The after life


Day 2 – valley of the kings

This is the day, we get to see the mummies in their resting tombs, well one mummy anyway.

Most of the famous mummies that were once buried here are at the Egyptian museum- A blog post for another time! 

As the bus pulls up to the valley, we are greeted by a driver to drive us up to the entrance. From there, we wonder in to find a seat and are briefed with some information about the afterlife.

I found this intriguing and no less fascinating in regards to how the Pharaohs moved on into the after life.

During the mummification process, the vital organs were removed except the heart, the heart was needed as the soul progressed on once he or she reached their judgement day. Its said that the heart was placed on the weight scales against the feather of justice. If the heart stays up, the soul progresses into the afterlife. If the heart weighs down, and animal of some sort is there and ready to devour the heart. Basically their version if you were good you go to heaven and if you were bad you go to hell.
That is only one step of many in this process. Then there are the 12 gates of which the pharaoh is to pass, 12 gates representing the 12 hours of night. Remember the sun was a god to them , the sun was life. The sun rises from the east and dies in the west. – so philosophical !



Queen Nefertiti’s tomb with King Tuts on the side

Now to the juicy part, king Tut.

King Tutankhamen was discovered 96 years ago. (1922) That is pretty fresh compared to how long they have been there. Give or take 3 thousand years.

As king T was young and died unexpectedly, there wasn’t really a tomb ready for him so it was decided that he will be buried in a tomb near his mothers, queen Nefertiti.

Back then when they discovered the queens tomb, all the natural limestone was put on the side, not realising there was in fact another tomb of her sons king T.

Then the greatest discovery occurred!


Walking down into one of the tombs

We weren’t allowed to take photos of the inside but I’m hoping the image of his golden casket stays with me forever. His body preserved on one side of the room and his golden sarcophagus on the other.

I was very impressed with today’s expedition and enjoyed learning a bit more and more.

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