Malta is through to the Eurovision final

I’m feeling all the emotions right now as I write this post. Yesterday, I got up at 5am to watch Malta sing in the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv for the semi final. The moment came and we were about to hit the stage.
I look on¬†Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone (back home) is doing. My friends are having watch-parties, prepped food and giving their opinions on each entry thus far. Then it was our turn. I could just imagine how it felt in Malta when Michaela took the stage and belted chama-chameleonūüé∂.¬†
I’ve always felt it as a proud moment when the world gets to hear from our little island. We did it!
Now it was time to watch the rest of the show until it was voting time. Unfortunately we couldn’t vote in this semi as Australia was not singing.
Results time
One by one, countries were being called.
It got to the final 3 and we still werent announced. Snoop was on the couch but couldn’t sleep as he was watching me being tense and nervous. The final spot was up and the camera pans to Michaela, she is setting herself up incase she doesn’t make it through it seems.
I’m shaking now until the words come out, Malta!!!
Jumping for joy at 7:10 am AU time and snoop is wondering what the actual f*** is going on.
She’s through.
Road to Sunday morning (Saturday night EU time) begins.
Proud to see my country being represented on the world stage.
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How I saw Malta change in 11 years

I caught myself reminiscing (as I do) about all the things I enjoyed when I lived in Malta. Thats why I started this blog, I wanted it to be an extension of me and share all the love I have for my home. One of two homes that is.
In high school years ago when MSN messenger was still a thing..

Karnak temple – Endless history


I was really looking forward to seeing this place in person and tell you what, I wasn’t disappointed! The high pillars, avenues of sphinxes and¬† the 20 metre + obelisks made out of rose granite Weighing over 100 tonne. (For all the Maltese people out there,

10 things that might surprise you – about me

Hey guys, I thought i’d take a break from spamming you all with Egypt posts and deliver something a bit more on a personal level. Here is a little get to know me post for your Friday (or Saturday depending where you are in this world)
As lady gaga says in her opening lyric of A-Yo – here we go!